About Us

OPTIMUM solutions represents 20 years of experience in sales and marketing as well as 40 years of airline experience in the area of in-flight service, catering and product development.

OPTIMUM solutions supports its customers with a vast network of suppliers across Canada, the U.S. and Europe allowing decision-makers to make the right choices when selecting partners/suppliers and simplifying the launching of new products and services.

OPTIMUM solutions also helps suppliers with critical information on market requirements and needs, especially in the area of airline and railway service.

Christine Côté founded OPTIMUM solutions in 2006 based on the following observations:

  • Flight kitchens were few.
  • Because of much cost-cutting airlines had fewer resources.
  • Most suppliers had poor knowledge of the airline industry and its special requirements.
  • Limited amount of suppliers with little experience importing products appropriate for the catering needs of the transportation industry.
  • There were opportunities for a niche operator to work in the area of product development and provisioning in support of airlines in particular and the transportation industry in general.

These observations were followed by research – research that lead to a plan and OPTIMUM solutions was born.

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