Our Services

A network of regional kitchens to deliver fresh products every day – all of them audited on a regular basis, using traceability programs and high levels of food safety.
Providing our clients with monthly statistical information and data analyses every three months.
Creating and coordinating the introduction of products with the same specifications from Vancouver to Halifax.
Working directly with suppliers regardless of their location and negotiating national agreements thus allowing for uniformity of products and reducing the cost of raw materials.
Coaching suppliers so that they may be able to develop and deliver products that meet the needs of the transportation industry.
Importing food and other in-flight products from key industrial leaders.
Alliances with major purchasing and distribution companies.

What distinguishes OPTIMUMĀ solutions:

  • We do not represent any manufacturer, and we are regularly looking for the solution that best accommodates our customer.
  • Every year we attend several food and airline shows like SIAL, PLMA, NRA, ITCA, IFSA, Aircraft Interiors Expo, CRFA, NY F&R, etc.
  • We classify data, brochures and pricing by category.
  • We develop concepts based on consumer trends and the needs of the airline industry.
  • We utilise our own logistics systems to handle and distribute frozen, fresh and dry products.
  • We use a management system that is simple and effective.

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