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About Optimum

OPTIMUM Solutions Inc. (Foods & Concepts) was created in 2006 to offer transport companies a pan-Canadian catering service providing a combination of trendy, fresh, and local products seven days a week. A single point of contact for an integral solution. A reputed team composed of passionate and subject expert people allowed us to gather a network of more than 25 independent kitchens across Canada thus giving us the ability to offer our services from Vancouver Island to the Maritimes.

Christine Côté – Owner and CEO of OPTIMUM Solutions and OPTIMUM Strategies Inc.

Christine Côté – Owner and CEO of OPTIMUM Solutions and OPTIMUM Strategies Inc.


A few years ago, OPTIMUM Solutions branched out to combine food production for the transportation industry with direct delivery to airplanes and trains. Thus, was born OPTIMUM Strategies Inc. (Provisioning Services).

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OPTIMUM Strategies Inc.

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We pride ourselves on our two Research & Development centres in Calgary and Toronto.

Headed by Red Seal Chefs under the attentive supervision of our own award-winning Chef Robert Volstuben, who has decades of experience in high cuisine and airline catering.

Our R & D teams can respond to a customer requests within a significantly short period of time allowing us implementation timelines that nobody can match in the industry.

Our flexibility and ability to move fast is one of our major attributes.

Our Mission

To surpass our customers’ expectations by knowing current and future trends at the same time reducing operating costs without affecting the quality of service of food and this, in a safe and sustainable environment.

To promote Canadian artisanal products and Canadian excellence. To encourage producers who care about animal well-fare, cage-free eggs, etc. This will create greater demand for such ethically sourced products and drive the market to increase supply and drive down prices.


“A national one-stop-shop catering.”


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