Our Services

Our Services
  • Support suppliers so they can develop and deliver products that meet the needs of the transportation industry.
  • Import food and other flight products from key industry leaders.
  • Alliances with major purchasing and distribution companies. We do not represent any manufacturer and we regularly look for the best solution for our customers.
  • Every year we attend several food and air shows such as SIAL, PLMA, NRA, ITCA, IFSA, Aircraft Interiors Expo, CRFA, NY F & amp; R, etc.

Our services

A network of regional cuisines to deliver fresh produce every day – all checked regularly, using traceability programs and high levels of food safety.

  • Provide our customers with monthly statistical information and data analysis every three months.
  • Create and coordinate the introduction of products with the same specifications from Vancouver to Halifax.
  • Work directly with suppliers regardless of their location and negotiate national agreements to ensure product consistency and reduce the cost of raw materials.
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Airline & Railway Catering

We work in concert with our clients to develop menus that are up to their expectations and those of their customers. The choice of menus is designed in function of budgets and consumers’ trends by a Research & Development team whose know-how has been tested and appreciated during the course of many years.

  • We deliver fresh products seven days a week to 17 different airports and railway stations.
  • We produce frozen products in the volumes demanded by our clients.
  • We develop and market long shelf-life products including the design of their packaging.

Corporate Catering

Under the watchful eye of our Executive Chef, this new service allows corporations, private jet airlines, banks, and other large institutions to plan their meeting events across Canada as well as offer meals to their employees should eating facilities not be available at work. A single point of contact – online orders with assistance available any time.

We offer:

• Meals prepared in a safe environment and individually packaged

• Specialty foods: Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Halal, Hindu, Asian

• Each product identified with the names of your invitees/employees

• Products & packaging that are 95% Canadian

• Delivery made by either Uber Eats or our own partner kitchens